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Transform Your At-Home Workout With Tempo

Home Workout

I hate going to the gym. You spend too much money every month, it’s always crowded, and you feel like everyone’s judging you while you struggle on the treadmill or bench press. Don’t bother with that nonsense anymore. Get yourself a Tempo for the ultimate home workout experience.

Using 3D Vision and AI, Tempo tracks and records personal metrics to help you progress safely with every workout, including form correction, rep targeting, intensity adjustment, and progress tracking. Set your goals and Tempo will recommend workouts designed to help you hit them.

Tempo offers hundreds of live and on-demand classes including strength training, mobility, HIIT, and more. The interactive workouts are designed using fitness science and data to help you progress.

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Tempo Starter & Expanded Accessory Pack

Home Workout


  • Exclusive Best Buy edition with free-standing Tempo Studio and a 42’ HD touchscreen display
  • Includes a 25-lb stainless steel and chrome Olympic-grade barbell with a 300-lb capacity and 2 extra collars, a wireless heart rate monitor and charger, and a high-density recovery roller
  • Apple Watch integration allows you to use monitor your heart rate during classes, pause and un-pause class from the Watch instead of tapping the Tempo screen, and track your activity rings after each workout


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