Make Hot Coffee And Cold Brew With The VacOne Brewer

Vac Coffee VacOne Brewer

Invented by Eduardo Umaña, the Vac Coffee VacOne is the first electric vacuum brewer for coffee. The technology uses air and negative pressure to create a smoother, more balanced cup of coffee or cold brew in only 4 short minutes.

The VacOne has an electric battery that makes up to 100 cups on a single charge. You can fully charge the brewer in 2 hours with the USB cable provided.

Vac Coffee VacOne Brewer

What’s cool is this brewer can make hot coffee and cold brew.

For hot coffee, Vac Coffee says to “measure out 4 scoops of finely ground coffee and to pour water around 200 degrees Fahrenheit to the middle mark of the electric brewer.” After 30 seconds, you can stir and press the button to brew.

For cold brew, measure out “5 scoops of finely ground coffee and pour room temperate water to the bottom mark inside VacOne.” After 4 minutes, stir and press the button to brew.

Vac Coffee VacOne Brewer

VacOne comes with a borosilicate glass carafe that can serve up to 14oz of coffee. Other items included with the product include a reusable metal mesh filter, USB charging cable, coffee measuring spoon, silicone coaster, and stirring stick.

Try this dual-brewer out now and let us know what you think.

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