Ready To Get Your Financial Life In Order? This ‘Wall Street Training’ Course Bundle Is EXACTLY What You Need

Bros, it’s okay if you’re not handling your money as well as you possibly could because what matters is you clicked this article today and you’re ready to make a change and put yourself in a better position financially. By most metrics I’m pretty irresponsible with my money, that’s why this is a topic that’s got me interested and one that I’m stoked to share with all of you. Sticking with the recent theme in the past few weeks of sharing a ‘course bundle’ with you bros today’s bundle is the ‘Wall Street Training‘ Course Bundle (9 Courses, 15+ Hours of Content: Study, Strive High & Secure a Future Finance Career w/ This Robust Learning Platform). So let’s check it out:

Basic & Fundamental Concepts: Accounting & Beginner Finance Course Package

This in-depth package of 5 courses explains the ins-and-outs of accounting as it pertains to financial analysis. Dive into financial modeling, valuation, company analysis, and more to fully grasp the fundamentals required for a career in finance.

— 5 courses w/ 8+ hours of content
— Understand the components of each major financial statement
— Explore financial ratios: liquidity, asset management, debt management & more
— Analyze, compare & contrast financial statements of various companies
— Study the major components of a 10K filing
— Master general finance terminology
— Calculate returns & measure risk
— Understand company financial summaries & trading analysis

Core Fundamental Concepts: Financial Modeling & Valuation Course Package

Master basic financial modeling and valuation techniques, all while utilizing Excel’s many useful functions. This set of 3 courses introduces model building best practices and teaches you to analyze a company’s value and stock with real hands-on examples.

— Learn how corporations are valued
— Discover how to utilize major analytical tools
— Create a 5-year income statement projection model
— Study corporate valuation methodologies & corporate finance
— Practice basic financial modeling
— Explore basic valuation techniques

Excel Fundamentals For The Finance Professional Course

Leverage all of Excel’s functionality to manipulate data efficiently with this 3 hour Excel intensive. This course covers the relevant formulas and tools you will need to work faster and better.
Over 3 hours of content

— Mathematical functions: SUM, MAX, AVERAGE, MEDIAN, MIN
— Financial functions: PV, FV, RATE, NPV, IRR
— Logic functions: IF, nested IF, CHOOSE, AND, OR
— Time functions: HOUR, MINUTE, SECOND, TODAY, NOW
— Formatting: fills, copy formulas, paste special

So if you bros are ready to expand your skill set then today’s the day, follow the link below and you can scoop up the ‘Wall Street Training’ bundle for $85 today! ($650 value)

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