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Where To Watch ‘Spring Breakers’ Free Online

Watch Spring Breakers starring James Franco FREE on Plex


Do you like movies? Do you like weird movies? Would you like to watch a candidate for the weirdest movie I’ve ever seen? Then, I’ve got the film for you. It’s Spring Breakers, and you can watch it FREE on Plex.


This crime bonanza follows four college students (Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Benson, Selena Gomez, and Rachel Korine) as their spring break trip spirals out of control when they meet rapper and criminal Alien (James Franco). Guns, drugs, chaos, and a bizarre supporting role by Gucci Mane ensue.

You don’t need to be under the influence to enjoy this one. You’ll feel intoxicated just from the cinematography. I mean, they have pro wrestler “Double J” Jeff Jarrett cast as a youth pastor. There is no limit to how weird things can get.

It wasn’t a surprise to see James Franco doing something bizarre like this. It was definitely bizarre to see performances like this from a squad of Disney Channel veterans. Let’s just say that Mickey Mouse might not approve of what these young ladies get up to in this surreal mix of social commentary and carnival of excess that only director Harmony Korine could conjure.

I have a distinct memory of seeing this with a buddy of mine in college. I walked out of the theatre thinking, “What on Earth did I just watch?” You might love it. You might hate it. But I guarantee that you’ve never seen anything else like it. You also won’t be able to stop saying “spriiiiing breaaaaak” for at least a week.

Where To Watch Spring Breakers FREE Online

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