Why A Deejo Knife Is A Better Present Than Sweatpants

Presented in partnership with Deejo Knives…

I put jeans on the other day for the first time since last March. Thanks to Southern California weather and a work from home job, I went eight months without bothering wearing denim. Shorts, sweats, and pjamas all day for weeks – yes. Actual pants? Nah.

2020 will forever go down as the year I barely wore pants.

Because… what’s the use? It’s a world of Zoom and Slack in these parts. And have you felt how comfortable joggers are these days?

Yes, his year was the year we could veg out indefinitely at home. But don’t you think for a second about gifting sweatpants to a loved one. A fruit cake serves more purpose. Sweatpants are the gift that says you’ve given up; that your ideas for your loved ones are as uninspired and intellectually lazy as the Michael Scott quote in your Instagram profile. It’s the message that says “hey, I want you to be so comfortable that you never leave your comfort zone.”

That’s a twisted thing to wish on your loved ones. Damn you, sweatpants.

2020 is the year to give a gift with purpose – like a Deejo Knife, made from first grade 420 stainless steel.


Utility is in. Things with purpose!

You want to be the person who gives the gift – in this case, a knife entirely customized to their liking – that is used to tear open the box for the PS5 or Xbox One or Peleton.

That’s true thoughtfulness!

The ultimate everyday carry knife, Deejo offers blades with a mirrored finish and handles made from precious wood. There’s a 37 gram one, but they also have 27g and 15g available. Their tattoos make it perfectly customizable. The designs are beyond badass too: Viking dragon, Elf, Watch Movement, Art Deco, Hunting Day, Deer, Grizzly… TERRA INCOGNITA.


via Deejo Knives

With sweatpants as a gift, you’ll get a tepid thank you and a shrug.

With a Deejo, you’ll get a “damn, this is so cool” while explaining how hard it was to narrow the design down on Deejo’s custom knife generator.

And if you gift it early enough, they can put it to good use ripping into all those delivery boxes that pile up on the porch this time of year.

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