Hate All Your Bros? Here’s An Easy Way To Make All New Friends

Bros before hoes. Balls before dolls. Nuts before skinny sluts. Compadre before I bang tu madre. Male erection before One Direction. You get the idea. Bros will always put bros before women.

But they don’t. They get into a relationship, get married, have kids and disappear off the face of the planet. I’m guilty of leaving more than a few bros behind to live the single life without me. But now I don’t feel so bad since there’s an app to help them make new friends. Hell, they might even find a better friend than I ever was, which should be relatively easy.

But it’s not always easy for guys, especially as they get older, to make new friends. Studies have shown that guys relate to other bros by doing activities — stuff like recreation softball, social clubs and even work — but it’s not always easy to take that next step. The only people who guys have a harder time asking to hang out than men are women.

Wolfpack is here to help bros find other bros to hang with. It will turn the lone wolf back into a pack member. So how does it work?

Once the app is downloaded, the user has the option of registering by signing up via Facebook or email. After registration is complete, a series of questions will be asked to help find guys nearby who have similar interests. The easy-to-use dashboard will enable the user to check out, create or join events, based on what he feels like doing.

Now you don’t have to wait until all your friends bail on you to use the app. You might hate all your friends now, which is totally possible, because I know them and they all suck. Just hook up to Wolfpack and get a better group of bros immediately.

Blood brothers!

[H/T: Wolfpack]

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