YETI Coolers Is Celebrating National BBQ Month On Instagram And I’ve Never Been Hungrier

What is it about great BBQ that’s so crave-able? I swear it’s an addiction for us all-American gourmands.

Is it the sauce – sweet, smoky, with a hard-to-describe hint of spice?

Is it the smells of a great BBQ joint or a backyard cook out?

Is it the hours-long TLC that goes into properly grilling or smoking delicious meats, like ribs or brisket?

Pitmasters, after all, have been heralded as true masters of their culinary art in recent years; virtuosos that work in smoky dens over hot coals, dedicated to their craft

Or… is the fact that it’s just damn good to enjoy with friends over a couple beverages? 

Like pizza, sushi, and chicken wings – the ultimate social food.

I seriously think the best conversations and laughs I’ve ever had have been while picking at a rack of ribs and wiping sauce off my face.

YETI Coolers is celebrating pitmasters and backyard BBQers everywhere for National BBQ Month. Their Instagram videos documenting Smoke Tri-Tip and Honey Chipotle Spare Ribs are making me seriously hungry.


Cheers to the grilling adventures and meat sweats that await you this summer weekend.

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