We Just Got A Sneak Peek At Photos From The 2017 Hooters Calendar Shoot And All I Can Say Is DAAAYUM

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Shooting for the 2017 Hooters Calendar has been ongoing for the past few weeks (months?). Just last week they were here in my hometown of Siesta Key snapping photographs (thanks for the invite!) and I figured that today was a great day to catch you bros up on the progress they’ve been making in putting together this year’s Hooters Calendar.

If you’re wondering why I’m catching you bros up on the 2017 Hooters Calendar photoshoots before they’re finished let me just toss a few reasons your way: (1) Hooters is the single greatest restaurant chain in America and (2) do I really need to give you a second reason?

Today’s Hooters Calendar photoshoot is taking place in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. Last week they were here in my hometown of Sarasota, and before that the lovely ladies of Hooters were braving the icy temperatures of Aspen, Colorado wearing nothing but bikinis. So let’s take a look at the recent photographs from the Hooters Calendar Instagram, shall we?

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Until next time. ✌️ (#repost from @knezel)

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and last but not least:

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Sweet dreams 😘 (#repost from @carleighraymond)

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To keep up with the latest and greatest from the Hooters Calendar photoshoot be sure to follow that Instagram page above, and to check out the BroBible archives for all things Hooters you can CLICK HERE.

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