Alyssa Milano’s Post-Pregnancy Cleavage Game Is Pretty Next Level

The last time we saw Alyssa Milano she was baring her boob in an Instagram photo showing her breastfeeding her newborn so we already knew that her second pregnancy had turned out very well for her. However, this is the first time we’ve seen Milano out and about showing off her nature-made breast enhancement in actual clothing as she attended the premiere of Into the Woods the other day.

Speaking of breastfeeding, Milano has been speaking out lately in an effort to make breastfeeding in public more acceptable, which I wholeheartedly applaud, but also find a little ironic since back in the day she and her mom basically threatened the entire Internet if they even thought about showing any nude pictures of Alyssa on a Web site – this despite the fact that, you know, she did nude scenes in movies in her 20s…but I digress.

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