This New Maxim Photoshoot Of Plus-Sized Model Ashley Graham Is Oh So Hot, But The Masses Are Crying PHOTOSHOPPED!

Ashley Graham recently became the first size 16 model to grace the pages of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit–or in terms bros will understand, size 16 means ‘it jiggles.’ Graham became a household name and the most prominent spokeswomen for body confidence after breaking the mold and embracing her curves that were previously seen in the model world as imperfections.

Most recently, she graced the cover of Maxim Magazine accompanied with the headline “Ashley Graham, Natural Beauty Turned Brand Builder.” When she posted the cover photo for her 1.5 million Instagram followers, she was met with accusations of photoshop–which in the regular model world is commonplace, but for a woman who preaches about embracing imperfections is a glaring double-standard.

Check out the four photos below from the Maxim shoot.

The cover photo amassed over 800 comments, most of which accused Ashley of being photoshopped, the others defending her.

Here are some recent pics of Graham for comparison.

I don’t know, man. A little photoshop here and a little photoshop there does not change the fact that I feel it move every time I see Graham.

[h/t Metro]

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