Bar Refaeli Just Instagrammed A Crazy Hot Pic And — WHOA That She’s Five Months Pregnant

Back in October, super hot Israeli goddess Bar Refaeli got married. She dated Bro King of the Universe Leonardo Di Capro for a long time, so you almost have to wonder how he feels about that — The one who got away? Or just a big ole ¯_(ツ)_/¯ because marriage is for boring suckers.

Whatever, we’re happy for her. Fast forward a few months and the world learns that Bar Refaeli has a bun in the oven, which we only assume will be a genetically perfect human being in the real world. But just because she’s preggers doesn’t mean she’s not afraid to rock a bikini and show off that body to her 2.2m followers on Instagram. In fact, just yesterday she gifted the world with the following pic:

Damn. Bar Refaeli knows how to rock it no matter the situation. Good for her.

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