Bella Thorne’s Dress Was So Damn Short Last Night, You Could Almost See Her Butt

by 3 years ago

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Yesterday, my esteemed colleague Doug Chuck let you know just how damn good Bella Thorne was looking on the red carpet at the premiere of Quentin Tarantino’s The Hateful Eight.

But as professional red carpet pics tend to be, they weren’t the lusty, pervy, upskirt angles I know you Bros want. Her face, psshaw. Everybody has a face. I wanna see dat ass. 

Well, for that my friends, you need the creeps of internet, who follow her every move and post it to reddit dot com slash r slash BellaThorne.

Here. Here is the picture you want.

Also, yesterday, we had a five minute chat about whether she let a nipple fly on SnapChat. The consensus was no, but you tell me.


One day, though, I’m sure she will. Until then, gentlemen (I’m using that term loosely).

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