‘Office’ Star BJ Novak Scored His 21-Year-Old Model Girlfriend By Sliding Into Her DMs

Historically speaking, sliding into a stranger’s DMs has the success rate of approaching a girl at the bar with JNCOs, a chain wallet, and Cheetos stains on your shirt. Trust me, I’d know (Cc: Emily Ratajkowski, Lindsey Pelas, Paulina Gretzky, Channing Tatum).

But different rules apply to the rich and famous, and that certainly seems to be the case for Office star and Harvard grad B.J. Novak.

According to Page Six,

Showbiz insiders say that the 37-year-old actor, producer and author has been dating model and Instagram star Ceilidh Garten (otherwise known as @lilmixedhunny to her 72,500 followers) — causing much chatter among his usual crew of 40-something pals. Said one, “She looks like she’s about 12.”

A source tells us that the pair met online after Novak — who follows many an “Internet-famous” beauty online — reached out to her on the social network.

Insiders say that New York-based Garten — who was a paralegal, reportedly with a “genius-level IQ,” before she quit college to take selfies full-time — has been out in LA visiting Novak, who’s also the best-selling author of “The Book With No Pictures” and “One More Thing: Stories and Other Stories.”

From an outsider’s perspective, the 21-year-old Garten is a helluva shift from Novak’s ex, comedian Mindy Kaling. Garten seems like the kind of girl who would date a guy with a man bun named ‘Tree Branch’ who her family doesn’t approve of. And that’s a far cry from Novak, who looks like he works the night shift Geek Squak at Best Buy. I love the guy’s body of work, but that’s what he looks like.



If nothing else, this is proof that sliding into DMs can work. Don’t let anyone tell you its a fruitless endeavor.

P.S. I wonder what Novak says to his boys, who are probably in their 40s. “Dude she’s totally more mature than girls her age. She’s the anti-millennial!”

[h/t Total Frat Move]

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