Diddy’s Girl Cassie Looked HOT AF At The VMAs Wearing No Shirt, No Bra And An Unbuttoned Jacket

I only refer to Cassie Ventura as Diddy’s girl now because ever since I became infatuated with her back in the mid-2000s I haven’t seen nor heard much out of her at all other than the fact that she’s been with Diddy. She used to be a music star in her own right, but…what has she done for us lately?

We did a #TBT on her back in January because that’s what she’s become at age 30. A throwback.

I also did a “Remember?” post on her sharing some of her hottest Instagram pics, because, again, “Remember her, she was REALLY hot?”

Well, she finally made a very rare public appearance at the MTV VMAs and goddamn it, she’s still really freaking hot.

She also REALLY knows how to dress.



Someone needs to get her back in the studio so we can get some new music videos out of this woman. I’d watch the ever-loving shit out of those.

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