Charissa Thompson Of Fox Sports 1 Showed Off Her Super Fit Bikini Body Again

Charissa Thompson once again put her toned bikini body on display over the weekend showing that she’s willing do go that extra mile to keep Fox Sports 1 relevant. Which I suppose makes sense since she left ESPN for this gig hosting Fox Sports Live and has a lot riding on the channel’s success. (Although she does have that Extra gig to fall back on I suppose.)

Now I don’t know how Charissa Thompson rocking a bikini on Instagram on a semi-regular basis translates to ratings, but at the very least it just got me talking about Fox Sports 1 so it certainly isn’t hurting things. So glad she left ESPN.

President’s Day weekend … bikini.

Vacation pics … bikini.

Also, did you know she’s 5’9″? I don’t know why, but I find that interesting.