Cheaters Shared How Their Affairs Started And Ended, And Wow Some Of These Are Messy


Cheating is a relationship’s ultimate sin. Cheating not only decimates one’s current relationship, but more importantly, it can have residual effects that can sabotage future relationships. Not to mention, cheating can breed lingering thoughts of self-doubt and murder self-esteem. My eighth grade girlfriend kissed another guy while I was at basketball camp, and I’d be lying if I told you I wasn’t ashamed to admit I still think about it from time to time. It was 15 fucking years ago and the girl has three kids now, with two different guys. I can’t help it, man. Can’t help it.

But enough with my sob stories. Lets get to the meat and potatoes. Redditor RandomAnon785 posed the question: Cheaters of Reddit, how did your affair start and end? The responses came in by the handfuls, over 2,800 of them. Here are some that are particularly noteworthy, accompanied with my commentary in italics.


When I was deployed to Iraq, my wife cheated on me at least 3 times. (She was the one to tell me about it.) It hurt like hell and we worked through it, for the most part.

When I was stationed overseas by myself a few years later, I started an affair with a female service member. It lasted 6 months. At the time, I justified it as “getting even”. But now, I feel terrible about it. It’s done and over with, and I’ll never tell her what happened.

Military members are rightfully praised for their sacrifice and dedication on the battle field, but they’re rarely recognized for the sacrifice of leaving loved ones at home. Having to worry about enemy fire at abroad and at home must be awful. Don’t feel bad about your fuck up bro. You’ve more than made up for it.


Was in a 5yr relationship with my girlfriend at the the time. I started to talk to an old coworker from my teens that I always had a thing for, but she lived a couple states away so I knew nothing would come of it. Well, it turns out that she still had family in my area and regularly visited.

We made plans to get some dinner and catch up, for old times sake. It ended in both of us getting drunk, renting a hotel room and having some fun. This happened a few times over the next several months until I get a text from her… It’s a picture of a sonogram of our child.

I was going to come clean to my gf, because I never had a father growing up and I didn’t want to put my child through that. However, she ending up losing it a month or so into the pregnancy and we stopped talking.

It left me feeling very guilty and anxiety stricken. 0/10 would not do again.

EDIT: To answer some questions…

  • No, I never told her. We broke up a few months later for unrelated problems in the relationship.
  • No, we’re not still together.
  • As far as I know the sonogram was legit.
  • didn’t get with the coworker, I have a healthy relationship now and I love my GF. I’ll never repeat this mistake.

I literally got anxious just reading this.


Honestly, it stemmed from being insecure. I don’t want to believe it, but they say once a cheater always a cheater, and I’ve cheated multiple times. It’s wrong, but I really loved everyone I cheated on and it had nothing I do with that person. It’s entirely been because of my own issues. Doesn’t make it ok, but it’s reality. I’m just being honest. I know it’s wrong to cheat and there’s no excuse I truly am sorry to the people I’ve hurt.

God, I love reddit. No where on the internet can you be totally honest and not be called a pussy in the comment section.


I was young – 19. I had been with a girl for a year when my parents decided I needed to pay rent, so I found a roommate and got an apartment. Day 1 I go to the office to turn in my walk through paperwork. The girl in the office made my heart skip. . She made me a believer in the idea of love at first sight.

She moved in across from my apartment a couple weeks later and we started to hang out. One night we slept together. The next day I broke up with my girlfriend. Me and new girl talked and we both wanted to be together.

She moved in with me a month later. That was 17 years ago. She’s currently asleep upstairs next to our daughter.

Bravo. Congrats on having the strength to end your previous relationship after you cheated. 


I just met someone so much better for me. I met someone that was basically my female twin and we hit it off instantly. I ended up breaking up with the girl I was with and dating her for 6 months. Turns out there’s such a thing as “too much alike”.

Yeah, I could have told you that “twins” is a recipe for disaster. I can barely live with myself, never mind fuck myself. 


Started with a broken g-string on 17 year old girl and ended with me moving 900 miles away before I ruined my entire marriage.

I was 30 and had been married for 2 years.

I took a part time job managing a cash office at an amusement park on the weekends. There was a very attractive girl working there but she was 17 and I never had any intentions towards her at all. One night we were in the cash office counting money and she got all wiggly. She told me her thong just broke and the she reached down her shorts and pulled out this skimpy g-string and put it in her pocket. I was distracted the rest of the night.

She got more and more flirty as the weeks went on. Then she turned 18 and invited all her co-workers to go to a restaurant to celebrate, me included. Told my wife I was working late. At the end of the night the girl asked if I could drive her home. Half way there she told me to pull off onto a dark side street and stop the car. I did and she started kissing me. I kissed her back and we made out for about 10 minutes. She told me she wanted to do that for months but knew she needed to wait until she was 18 and the party was a ruse to get me alone.

I drove her home from work a couple more times and she was getting bolder each time. The last time she took all of her clothes off and I fingered her to climax.

The drive home I felt guilty as hell and I knew where the next driving her home trip was going to lead. I called the park the next day and quit. Told my wife the hours were getting to be too long. I started looking for jobs in my hometown 900 miles away and landed one that paid twice what I was currently making and I convinced my wife we needed to move.

I look the girl up on FB every once in a while but never friended her. Never spoke to her after that night. She just got married. She seems very happy. I’m still married. I’m very happy and have 2 kids. Never told my wife about what happened. Never will.

This could have ended so much worse. Dodged a bullet here, kiddo.

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