Chicago Strip Club Holds Auditions And 1,300 Females Showed Up To Flaunt Their Incredible Talents (VIDEO)

Did you ever go to a job fair? It’s pretty intimidating. Not only are you nervous to talk to your potential employers, but you see your competition. And well, sometimes you don’t stack up. Talented ladies from all over Illinois showed up at a job fair this week. But instead of a crisp resume and a freshly pressed suit, these job seekers brought their finest and more durable thong and their best neck-breaking striptease moves.

The V Live Chicago strip club opens next week and they held a casting call to find the best talent that the Windy City had to offer. There are 160 positions to be filled, but an insane 1,300 able-bodied young females showed up to strut their stuff.

There was some impressive talent that showed up for the casting call including a double booty bounce and a woman who walked on her shoulders.

The V Live Job Fair > The Job Fairs That I Go To

As crazy as 1,300 strippers showing up for an audition sounds, it is actually less than the casting call at the V Live strip club in Atlanta. When T.I. showed up to judge the talent they had 1,600 show up two months ago.

I’m going to the wrong job fairs.