Chloe Grace Moretz In A Lacy Bra At The ‘Neighbors 2’ Premiere Will Definitely Sell Some Tickets

I am a big fan of Chloe Grace Moretz for many reasons. (1) She makes some good movies. (2) She got into a Twitter fight with Kim Kardashian over her nude selfie awhile back. And (3) she has tremendous fashion sense.

Reason number three was rather evident in what Moretz chose to wear to the premiere of her new flick Neighbors 2 yesterday.

I don’t even know what to call what she was wearing. It’s like part dress, part bra, I honestly can’t recall ever seeing a woman wear something like this before. What is it? Eh, doesn’t matter.

And yes, that is Brooklyn Beckham, David’s son on her arm. As if the Beckhams don’t have enough good things in their lives already.

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