Chloe Grace Moretz Got Into A Twitter Fight With Kim Kardashian Over That Stupid Nude She Tweeted Out

Hello world! Welcome to Hell, or should I say “Sorry to admit you into Satan’s back yard,” because it is truly a sad day in down below when the Kardashians do something legitimately newsworthy enough to get me to write a post about them. What’s even sadder is that in this case “legitimately newsworthy” equates to “Kim posted a nude and Chloe Grace Moretz dissed her for it, then Kim came firing back while completely missing the point of Chloe’s diss.” What a depressing day this is indeed.

Alas, c’est la vie. But in order to keep all of this straight we need to start at the beginning, which is right here:

Kim posted a nude to Twitter, because nothing says “The rest of my family is beginning to overshadow me and I’m starting to feel insecure about how I’m no longer the center of everyone’s attention” like “LOLOLOLOL im nekkid lookie here!”

Enter Hit Girl:

That’s a pretty good point. What is Kim Kardashian teaching the young girls who see her all over the news: that being naked will get you famous? That sending nudes out over the Internet will get people to pay attention to you? Because I’m sitting here, trying to think of what other message that picture could carry and I’m drawing a blank. Maybe I’m just not very smart and need to start sending out nudes so my career doesn’t flatline. Durrr.

Rather than let Chloe’s tweet go unnoticed like she normally would, Kim actually responded…although like I said before, she really did miss the point:

So…your response to Chloe’s valid critique is that you:

  1. Have more money than she does
  2. No one knows who she is (in which case, why are you tweeting to her directly?)
  3. Her Twitter cover photo isn’t as “cool” as yours

I hope I don’t have to mention how none of those points refute what Chloe said, but in all honesty what were we expecting? Elaborate prose? A meticulously thought-out argument? Some haiku? I had low expectations just like everyone else, but come on — this somehow beats my low expectations in the head with a nine iron.

In other news that’s still Kardashian related but involving celebrities you’ve probably never heard of, she also bitched out Bette Midler for the following tweet:

Who cares about your gift basket? The joke was funny bitch, and that was the whole point – it was a joke. Just like your last attempt to “break the Internet,” whatever that means:

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