Chloë Graze Moretz Is Showing Off Her Two New Tattoos On Instagram

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I rarely get the chance to blog about Chloë Grace Moretz here on BroBible because a few of the other editors stalk her Instagram like it’s their job (though in all fairness I guess it is kind of their job). She’s been one of my favorite actresses since I first took notice of her in the Kick-Ass franchise and it’s been fun to watch her career take off because based off everything I’ve read about her and her family life she seems like a legitimately grounded person, and not just another crazy ass actress.

With that said, on the heels of her starring role in Neighbors 2 she’s been in the public eye more than ever, and in the past 48 hours she’s taken to Instagram to show off two new tattoos. One of those tattoos I legitimately cannot even see, because it’s the letters ‘CK’ in white ink on her ankle and the other tattoo is her grandmother’s name on her mid-left back. After getting her two new tats she also grabbed the tattoo gun and inked up her own tattoo artist, New York’s own Jonboy. So before I editorialize this anymore here are her new tats:

JanetteDuke #jonboytattoo

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I legitimately cannot see shit in this picture, no tattoo at all…anyone?

jc #whiteink #jonboytattoo

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Here she is using the gun on her tattoo artist:

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