Watch Chrissy Teigen Answer The Questions You Google About Her The Most (Including The Stupid Ones)

by 3 years ago

Unsurprisingly, SELF Magazine didn’t have Chrissy Teigen react to the search phrases “Chrissy Teigen naked,” “Chrissy Teigen topless” or “Chrissy Teigen porn,” which are the most searched Teigen-related phrases on MY laptop.

As for the rest of the world, apparently all they want to know about her is whether or not she drinks or has siblings. How boring are you people? Who cares if she’s got a brother? Who cares if she drinks? Most people have and do both! Pick something original, like “Has Chrissy Teigen ever cleared a room with a particularly ripe fart” or “Does Chrissy Teigen like butt stuff” ?

THOSE are questions only Teigen could answer, whereas Google has everything else covered. Way to squander a perfectly ripe opportunity, SELF.

[Via SELF]

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