Chrissy Teigen Strips To Her Bra And Panties In Hot New Pictorial For ‘GQ’

Chrissy Teigen, who likes to be naked – a lot – and was last seen here sitting around in nothing but a towel pouring milk all over herself, has been a busy lady lately. And one of the things Chrissy Teigen has been up to is getting almost naked again with her husband John Legend on camera.

In GQ’s feature on the couple Teigen and Legend talked about being New Yorkers including the time they organized food trucks for Eric Garner protesters back in December.

“You’re making that phone call in the morning, hoping they agree to it, because obviously it’s kind of a hot-button topic — you don’t know who’s going to want to be involved,” said Teigen. “But everybody was so down. And so for the cause.”

And just because they’re awesome here’s Chrissy and John playing a game of “cute or stupid” telling us what they really think of cat and puppy videos, baby talk, spooning, and P.D.A. (So when are these two getting their own show?)

Check out Chrissy and John’s full interview with GQ here and the rest of their photos here. The entire issue hits newsstands nationwide today.

Photos: Anders Overgaard/GQ