Chrissy Teigen Bouncing Up And Down In Revealing Workout Attire Makes For 2016’s Best GIFs


YouTube - Love magazine

In case you ever wondered why we’re such big fans of Chrissy Teigen this latest video for Love magazine’s advent calendar ought to do the trick.

It really does have it all. One of the hottest models on the planet. She’s working out in a revealing outfit. And by working out I mean she’s dropping whale tails on us and bouncing up and down all over the place. And she’s eating french fries and hot dogs. What more could a bro need?


YouTube - Love magazine


YouTube - Love magazine


Yeah, that is definitely better than Bella Hadid’s similar sweaty workout video.

I still give Ireland Baldwin the top spot, however, out of all the videos they’ve made so far this month. Being topless on the beach set the bar pretty high.