Some Woman Giving A BJ At The Grocery Store? Yup, That’s Exactly What’s Happening Here

Footage has surfaced on LiveLeak showing a woman performing oral sex on a man at the grocery store. I have found the uncensored footage but before we get to that I’ve got some blurred out images for you so that you all can get a sense of what’s happening here, though I think I explained it pretty well in the headline: it’s a dude getting blown while at the grocery store.

This is rather graphic, so if you’re potentially worried about someone looking over your shoulder and seeing this you might want to angle your smartphone because you’re about to see two people connected mouth-to-dong in public:

Now, I’ve linked the uncensored version of the video below and it’s something special. The description of this video on LiveLeak claims that it took place somewhere ‘back east’ in a liquor store, and this really could’ve gone down anywhere. Somehow, I don’t think this happened in Florida even though behavior like this would be par for the course in the Sunshine State. I’m guessing this is probably somewhere in the Northeast based around the dude wearing pants and a jacket because it’s still 85 every day here in FL.

Anyways, to see the UNCENSORED VERSION ON LIVELEAK just click that link!

…(h/t Metro)…

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