Bros, Get Ready To Fall In Love With TOTAL DIME Dalia Elliott

Dalia Elliottis a name you won’t soon forget.

As you guys know, every now and then we get introduced to sexy and talented women who we think you need to know about, because, duh.

Today is another one of those days as one of our favorite photogs Brian B. Hayes has snagged another young lady named Dalia Elliottand taken some glorious photos of her that you’re going to love.

Dalia is a horror film actress and glamour model. She has a lead role in the slasher film Blood Angel, previously starred in The Bunnyman Massacre and appears in the sequel Bunnyman 3, which is in currently in post-production.

Recently, Dalia also had an 8-page spread in FHM’s April issue and an online interview with Esquire. And when she isn’t in front of the camera, Dalia is a corporate flight attendant. We should be so lucky as to ever catch on one of our flights.

You can check out the latest on Dalia over on Instragram and see some of the other models Brian B. Hayes has shot that we’ve featured right here.