Danica Patrick Made An Excellent Video Of Herself Doing A Handstand In A Bikini For America

danica patrick bikini handstand video

Danica Patrick, Instagram

Danica Patrick is obsessed with handstands, for some reason.

In between posing on the beach in a bikini for the 4th of July and getting caught up in the horrifying last lap crash at the Coke Zero 400 Danica Patrick went back, once again, to trying to do the perfect handstand.

So why is Danica Patrick doing so many handstands these days? I truly have no idea. But after months of having one of the more boring sports star Instagram accounts suddenly hers is one that I check pretty much daily now.

And what’s even cooler is that with each passing handstand attempt they seem to be getting sexier as this is the first time we’ve seen her make this move while rocking a bikini. Maybe this really is, as I have surmised, her way of trying to land a new sponsor now that GoDaddy is going away in 2016.

Here she was earlier in the day, in case you missed it.

Here was Danica in her trailer watching the World Cup during her race’s rain delay on Sunday. Interesting look…

And here’s a summary of her handstand attempts over the past few months because doggone it, they’re so much fun.