Double Your Manhood by Using the Metric System

For most men after a certain age your penis stops growing. Certain guys with a lot of expendable income may have the option to “extend it” but typically you are stuck with what you have. If any of you were not blessed with much you have two options

1. You can be depressed about it and allow it to lower your Mojo.

2. You canuse the metric systemand nearly triple your size. 

Let’s say you only have 3 1/2 inches. One might be embarrassed to disclose it. However, if you use the metric system you can say you have 9. You do not need to disclaim the system of measurement you are using. Just say 9. Most will interpret it as nine inches. 

By the time anyone finds out you switched measurement systems it is far too late. The deal has already been sealed. If questioned,  you  can quickly explain that you used the metric system. Chances are the girl will forget about the small penis and see you as an intellectual for being able to utilize two measurement systems. 

This only works if you live in a country that measures in inches. I hope this tip makes all of your wildest dreams come true. 

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