At 51 Years Old, Elizabeth Hurley May Be Hotter Today Than She Was As Vanessa Kensington In ‘Austin Powers’ In 1997

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Anyone who has hit their late 20s or beyond knows that the body just kind of gives up one year at a time. You work harder in the gym for fewer results, and you eat need to eat less to avoid becoming Chris Christie. It’s a far cry from the college days when we could drink ourselves blind and hawk down Five Guys at 2 am and keep a 4-6 pack.

And the thing about metabolism is it only slows. It’s degenerative. Which is why I’m mystified by Elizabeth Hurley. At 51, Hurley (who you may remember as Vanessa Kensington in Austin Powers (1997)) looks better in a bikini than most swimsuit models. She’s got the Benjamin Button syndrome.

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