World’s Hottest Michigan Fan Elle Johnson Is Currently Holding The Sexiest Protest Of An Airline EVER

Remember the other day when a 21-year-old woman was reported to have been kicked off a Spirit Airlines flight for showing too much cleavage? Yes, we were outraged as well.

Turns out that we weren’t the only people upset by this miscarriage of cleavage.

World’s hottest Michigan Wolverines fan slash model Elle Johnson was also very upset by this turn of events and has decided to stage her own protest. A very sexy protest.

In the photo above, Johnson we see Johnson showing her, uh, support by showing off her own cleavage with the caption, “Guess which airline I will NEVER fly?! #SpiritAirlines should be ashamed! You know how hot it gets in the cabin? #FreeTheCleavage.”

Then, just to drive the point home again, she shared another photo today with another dig at Spirit Airlines…

It’s #FriskyFriday! And #Superbowl Weekend! Where will I go? Don’t know. All I know is it won’t be on #SpiritAirlines! #FreeTheCleavage

#FreeTheCleavage. Love it.

Oh yeah, as for why I call her the world’s hottest Michigan Wolverines fan? Well…

I think perhaps now you understand.

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