Emily Ratajkowski Drinking Wine While Naked In A Bathtub Makes For Some Absolutely Splendid GIFs

Emily Ratajkowski, as we all know, is pretty awesome.

Not only does she NOT want us to feel guilty for looking at her leaked naked pics (seriously she doesn’t, just watch this video)…

…she also is one of the greatest people to follow on social media. Doesn’t matter what either. Instagram, Snapchat, it’s all good.

Speaking of Snapchat… How about these pics she shared on there recently?

Nice, huh?

You know what else is nice? When she films herself naked in the bathtub drinking some wine and shares THAT…

You what is even nicer? When someone on Reddit captures it and turns it into a GIF, which has since been broken down into two wonderful GIFs…

Awesome, right?

Here’s a little more awesome because fuck it, it’s hump day and we need all the help we can get today…



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