Emily Ratajkowski Just Posted A Super Close-Up Picture Of Her Ample Cleavage If That Interests You


In my very important opinion, Emily Ratajkowksi is one of the most beautiful females on the planet. Looking at her just perpetuates the notion that girls don’t poop. Trying to picture Em Rata (as her friends call her) doing potty stuff is as difficult to picture as Hillary Clinton in a bikini. The only rational explanation I can think of that would explain how Rata (as her close friends call her) disposes of her waste is angels descending from the heavens as she sleeps and extracts it from her pores, stentch-free obviously. The butt crack is just for decoration.

Again, I don’t have specific first-hand evidence that this happens, but a guy I know…nope, no he didn’t. It’s a constructed reality I choose to believe, OKAY!?. Leave me alone.

She took to Instagram today to drop another heater (not in the poop sense obvi, but in the hot sense) and it is enjoyable to look at.

And because Emily’s Insta pics are like Lay’s potato chips and we can never just have one, here are a few more to satiate your horny ass.


Yes, please.

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