Sexy And Entrepreneuring 19-Year-Old Girl Makes $130 An Hour On Snapchat From Thirsty Dudes

I would never shame anyone who has found a way to legally make money in our capitalistic system. The whole point is to find a market, offer the best product you can and then capitalize. One young woman found the gigantic market of thirsty dudes and has made a decent living off of her Snapchat.

Hannah Weiiss lost her part-time job at a Chinese restaurant, where she was making $13 an hour. Necessity is the mother of invention and prompted Hannah into launching a career change and she soon was making 10 times her previous paycheck. Hannah began charging people to see her seductive photos on Snapchat. And it worked. She went from making $13 an hour to around $130 an hour.

The 19-year-old student from Long Beach, California describes her “Snapchat Premium” account as “like a normal account but it’s private and people pay me to view it.” Those interested in seeing more (much, much more) of Hannah make payments through Paypal, Google Wallet and in-app payment service Snapcash.

Now, Hannah says she makes around $2000 in one month by sending private messages and photos for an extra fee.

Hannah’s enterprising venture was featured in an eight-part Instagram documentary titled “Premium,” that you can see here. The doc delves into the lucrative world of sexual content on Snapchat. The documentary was made by Hannah’s boyfriend, Australian artist Jesse Willesee.

“I could absolutely pay for college and rent with Snapcash,” she says in Jesse’s documentary.

Hannah and Jesse believe that the explicit snaps are “empowering” and anyone who judges women for doing so are “morally wrong.”


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