After Years Of Publicly Lobbying, Erin Andrews Has Finally Gotten Engaged To NHLer Jarrett Stoll

After years of begging and lobbying, Erin Andrews has finally gotten her wish. At the spry age of 38, Andrews has gotten engaged to that guy who was arrested for cocaine and ecstasy in Vegas last summer. Jarrett Stoll, a 34-year-old Stanley Cup champion, left Andrews wanting more for years, prompting her to go to the media to put the pressure on him.

Like this time back in 2014:

“All of my friends from college and high school have three kids now. I’m not even engaged!”

And this time:

“I’ve definitely dropped hints here and there,” she said. “But we haven’t looked at rings. … Nothing there yet, the ball’s in his court,” she added laughing. “But no we are fine! We’ve had enough on our plate for the last two years of dating and haven’t really gone there yet.”

And a little cleavage pic coupled with someone else’s ring to really drive home the point:

Erin Andrews

Erin Andrews, Instagram

Oh ya and this time when she simply couldn’t contain herself around the presence of another couple pulling the marriage trigger:


Regardless, good for Erin and Jarrett. Hopefully, they’ll love each other forever. And by forever I mean like 8-14 months because everyone knows goldfish outlive celebrity marriages.

RIP to single Erin.

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