Francia Raisa And Christina Milian Brought ALL THE CLEAVAGE To The Party Last Night

So there was a party held on Wednesday night in West Hollywood called the Latina ‘Hot List’ Party, whatever that is, and two of the attendees were Christina Milian and Francia Raisa.

Apparently when the ladies asked what they should bring to the party, both Christina and Francia were told: cleavage, as much cleavage as possible.

Now we know all about Christina Milian and her Milianaissance, but we haven’t seen Francia Raisa on our screens since The Secret Life of the American Teenager went off the air in 2013. Actually, I take that back. We didn’t even see her then, because we didn’t watch that show. At least I didn’t.

But that doesn’t mean we don’t like her. Not at all. In fact, we are big fans of Francia Raisa. We’re fans of her doing sexy burlesque dances and we’re definitely fans of her when she’s in a bikini.

Now we just need to get her on a TV show that I’d actually watch. The dress she wore Wednesday night certainly won’t hurt her chances. Fingers crossed.