Christina Milian Celebrated Her Birthday In Yet Another Super Sexy Bikini

christina milian bikini pics

Christiana Milian, Instagram

Christina Milian should celebrate her birthday more often.

The comeback of Christina Milian continues to roll on as she celebrated her 34th birthday in style in yet another sweet bikini over the weekend. Man, how many bikinis does this woman own? And why can’t I go on vacation as often as her?

First she gets her own reality show on E! and now she has a regular part on network television. That’s right, not only does Milian look sexier now than when she first became famous over a decade ago, she’s also got a new TV show starting this week on Fox called Grandfathered. 2015 has definitely been a good year for her.

I’m sure none of this recent resurgence has anything to do with the fact that she’s one of the best follows on Instagram, right? Never underestimate the power of social media…and bikinis.

No wonder she was the “social media correspondent” on The Voice for a couple of years. Girl definitely gets it.