Christina Milian Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop Looking H-O-T In A Bikini

Christina Milian and bikinis are a match made in Heaven.

The Milianaissance is still in FULL EFFECT as Christina Milian once again proved this past weekend in Las Vegas as she rocked a bikini by the pool.

I can’t remember a star who basically disappeared from the scene like Christina Milian that came back as well as she has. I mean, I don’t know how her singing career is going, but she had that show on E! and was on one of those singing/dancing shows, so that was pretty cool.

Whatever it is that got her back in the spotlight I am just glad it happened because man, she’s certainly got it going on all cylinders these days.

Maybe her comeback has something to do with what we see here today. Hard to ignore her when she’s looking this good. No way I could ever do it. Though I do wonder, if there were no Instagram or Twitter, would we have ever heard from her again? Thank goodness we never had to find out.