Gigi Hadid Is Looking Flawless In A Skimpy Bikini For The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue

Gigi Hadid rocked the world last week with her nude cover for French Vogue, and while “rocked the world” is clearly an exaggeration it was still a pretty picture. Not the kind of pretty picture you’d hang in your house though – your parents would be like “Wtf?” if they ever visited and spotted it hanging over the back of your toilet. But if your parents saw THESE photos? Well, that wouldn’t be nearly as awkward. You’d still have to explain who Gigi Hadid is, why she’s in your bathroom and why you thought pictures of chicks in bikinis would be a good way to decorate the common spaces in your home, but who cares? You get to look at Gigi whenever you poop! Win-win in my book.

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