WHOA! Tom Brady’s Wife Gisele Is Almost Naked In A SIZZLING Hot Photo… Your Move, Broncos

As if Tom Brady’s life wasn’t great enough – multiple Super Bowl wins, MVP awards, rich beyond our wildest dreams – he’s also married to this…

What makes that even more ridiculous is that Gisele Bundchen’s salary absolutely DWARFS his already megabucks contract. Even if he does somehow lose on Sunday bro is going down as one of the all time winners and I am not talking about in football, but in life.

The photo was taken for that fashion magazine W, which, as all fashion magazines do for some reason, likes to take HOT pics of women either half-naked or completely naked. Something I have never quite understood since I assume 90% of their readers are women, but don’t take that as a complaint. I appreciate their work.

For example, here’s Charlize Theron in various stages of undress for the magazine recently.

And since I assume you aren’t a regular reader of W magazine here’s some other cool stuff they’ve done lately that I think you’ll also find appealing.

Man, I love fashion.