Oh, so THIS is why Gisele Bundchen makes $128,000 a day? Now I get it

by 4 years ago

gisele bundchen handstand bikini

Yesterday I was dumbfounded by the fact that Gisele Bundchen reportedly makes $128,000 a day. Then I saw this photo of her doing a cartwheel in a bikini and it all made perfect sense.

Gisele captioned the photo, “Finally on vacation!” which only makes me wonder if she’s still raking in her $128K while on the beach doing nothing or if when she gets back she’ll just make it up by earning $256K a day til she’s caught up. Eh, I’m sure she’s got some sort of system worked out.

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And once again, I now completely understand this GIF…

(Yes, I just wanted to post that GIF of Tom Brady dancing again. I may just put it in every post I do on Gisele from here on out. Just on principle.)

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