Gisele Bundchen Posed All Sexy And Topless To Sell Shoes, Because That Makes Perfect Sense

Gisele Bundchen without a shirt on is always good for business.

You have to hand it to Stuart Weitzman, whoever he or it is. While it really literally zero sense on the surface to have Gisele Bundchen pose topless in an effort to sell shoes, here I am talking about them. So in other words, having Gisele Bundchen pose topless to sell shoes is actually a genius idea.

I see you working, Stuart Weitzman. I see you working.

Then again, we’ve also seen Gisele surfing in a bikini to sell perfume so who knows what the fuck is going on at these advertising think tanks. (This is also how Gisele Bundchen manages to rake in $128,000 a day, folks.)