All We Want For Christmas Is Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Hannah Ferguson Topless On A Beach

I guess Christmas came early this year, because Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model Hannah Ferguson topless on the beach is EXACTLY what we have on our hands.

It’s been a few weeks since we last checked in on Hannah Ferguson, last time we posted on her it was in reference to her ‘perfect butt‘, but this time around she’s taken to the beach and ditched her top to let her chest catch a breath of fresh air. Thankfully for us she also freed her puppies as part of a topless photoshoot and now the world can share in the perfection that is Hannah’s body.

So before I hype it up too much let’s to get to checking out the latest Hannah Ferguson topless and bikini photos (and some pics for Mojeh Magazine):

And here are Hannah’s latest pics for Mojeh Magazine:

One more bikini pic for good measure: