Here Are Some Pictures Of Helga Lovekaty, Plus One Of A Cat


Helga Lovekaty here is an actress/model, which means she’s eligible for the next Slashie should Hansel ever relinquish his place atop the mountain.

When I saw pictures of her wearing a minimal amount of clothing on the internet, I wanted to know more about her. I wanted to know her hopes. I wanted to know her dreams. I wanted to know what she thinks about the current political situation and her take on the Ukrainian conflict.

I wanted to know what it’s like to have over 191,000 Instagram followers because, personally, I have only 300. I wanted to know at what threshold the pressure to entertain takes hold. Is it at 5,000 followers? At 50,000?

But, alas, I couldn’t find much information on Helga on the web. Most of the content seemed to be very image-centric. The longform profiles seemed conspicuous in their absence. Downtrodden but not beaten, I’ll try to share some possible facts based on her feed. what did I learn? It looks like she enjoys taking photos in the close proximity of mirrors. And she appears to have a current passport, as many of her poses come in the foreground of distinguishing and far-flung landmarks.

Also, she once held a cat. I can’t tell if it’s her cat or someone else’s cat but she definitely held it.

So that’s Helga.