Hellos & Goodbyes Highlight This Week’s Hottie Index

Britney Spears 
It’s been 15 years since “Baby One More Time” showed us Britney Spears in her hot little schoolgirl outfit. Fast forward the clock to today and she’s still dressing like a full blown whore to pimp her music videos. It’s bras; it’s panties; it’s Britney Spears like you’ve never seen her before. Of course I’m kidding because we see her this way all the time. But at least she still looks reasonably good 15 years later. 

Sugey Abrego 
I check the local weather these days by looking at my phone or my laptop. It’s the easiest way to get things done. Never do I turn on the TV to see what’s projected for the day or the rest of the week. Mexico knows how to get people to tune in. They put Abrego in a short skirt and revealing top while making her talk about the rain. Suddenly TV ratings during the weather section are at an all-time high. I’d say that’s genius! And now Abrego’s naked in Mexican playboy?!? What time does she go again? I can put my phone down for a few minutes. 

Emmy Rossum 

Just another New York City child turned actress, Rossum has been pretty successful before turning 30. The Columbia grad is currently starring on Shameless, whose fourth season starts in January. Rossum obviously sees nothing shameless with baring large portions of her petite body. And she comes off pretty funny in the interview that accompanies the pictures of his bared body. But I’m sure you won’t be focusing on the interview too much. 

Alex Morgan 

This happens every so often with our favorites, but it’s a sad day now that Alex Morgan has locked herself down with an engagement. Her 25-year-old fiancée plays in the MLS, which means she’s better at the sport than he is. That’s gotta be a crushing blow to his ego. But then he wakes up and realizes he’s not only banging, but is now engaged to Morgan. Suddenly life doesn’t look too bad for him. On her end, we have to wonder why she didn’t do better. There’s still time to call it off! 

McKayla Maroney (photo above)
Thankfully the world works in a counter-balance nature. We lose Morgan to another man, but we gain Maroney to the world of 18+. Is it weird that I typed out “McNayla” when I first wrote her name? Or was that my subconscious being so excited that Maroney was now of legal age. Now creeping her on Instagram isn’t completely frowned upon. She seems like an outgoing type so those bikini pictures can’t be that far away.