Hilary Duff Wants You To Know That You Don’t Have To Marry Her Before You Get To Bone Her

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If I know you Bros, and I most certainly think I do, your desire to bone Hilary Duff is most certainly mitigated by the fact that you’d worry it’d be a really long courtship before she’d give up the Duff (I assume she refers to her vagina as the Duff. I mean, why wouldn’t she. “Lick my Duff,” she could shout.)

After all, she’s a famous celebrity, and is already divorced, so it doesn’t seem weird to imagine that she’d be reticent to wantonly fuck you 30 minutes after meeting you. In fact, she might even make you wait until you marry her before you can get some Duff on ya Dick.

That’s why you don’t make moves on Hil.

Well, Bros, I understand why you thought that, but forget all that nonsense. Because Hilary Duff told the world today that she doesn’t need to wait until marriage to bone again.

“I don’t want to say I wouldn’t get married again, but it’s not important to me. I don’t feel I would need to be married to have another child. If I felt strongly enough toward someone or if someone felt strongly about it, I might say OK,” she told Redbook.

If she is willing to have a kid before she gets married, which requires sex, then she’s definitely up for sex before she marries you.

Make those moves dude. The courtship won’t be nearly as arduous as you’re imagining. And it’ll be worth getting a shot with this…

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