Here Are Some Of The Hottest Wives And Girlfriends From Each Of The Super Bowl Teams



Tonight, the NFL’s elite will duke it out in front of an estimated 115 million people in hopes of achieving football’s most coveted prize. One team will feel the soul-crushing despair of defeat while the other will pop champagne until they pass out with all their clothes on. Gronk will be blacked out regardless. However, it’s important to realize that win or lose, most of these athletes will be going home to wives and girlfriends that are hotter than an Arizona summer. Here are some of the most attrative WAGs of the players participating in the Super Bowl tonight.

Adriana Lima — Girlfriend of Patriots’ WR Julian Edelman

Ahkeilah Leila YasMeen Murib — Girlfriend of Falcons’ running back Tevin Coleman

Gisele Bundchen — Wife of Patriots QB Tom Brady

Ashley Nicole — Girlfriend of Falcons’ linebacker Phillip Wheeler

Marissa Van Noy — Wife of Patriots’ linebacker Kyle Van Noy

Emily Stratton — Girlfriend of Patriots’ Punter Ryan Allen

Sarah Ryan — Wife of Falcons’ QB Matt Ryan

Kristen Louelle — girlfriend of Patriots’ RB Tyler Gaffney

Siggi — Wife of Patriots’ tight end Martellus Bennett

Chelsey Walton — Girlfriend of Patriots’ safety Nate Ebner

Olivia Culpo — Girlfriend of Patriots’ wide receiver Danny Amendola

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