29-Year-Old Smokin’ Hot MILF Is Addicted To Selfies, Working Out, And Injecting Herself With HGH Every Morning

Jacqui Ryland is a model, a MILF, a calendar girl, and she has a very peculiar addiction: she’s injects herself with HGH (human growth hormone) every single morning. As a mother she’s seriously rolling the dice with these daily injections, because any presence of a cancer cell in her body could be severely exacerbated and the HGH injections would cause it to spread like wildfire. However, as a fitness model Jacqui Ryland cannot get enough of the HGH because of the incredible results she sees.

She’s making headlines both because of how her addiction is potentially putting her life in danger and risking the security of her children’s lives, but she’s also a complete dime piece so she continues to build a sizable Instagram following (she’s nearing in on 100k but I’m sure we’ll push her well beyond that by the end of the day.

The New York Post reports:

Speaking on Channel 5’s “Body Freaks: Make Me a Perfect 10,” she said: “Every morning I inject growth hormone. The side effects mean your heart can grow, which is dangerous.
“It makes your skin look better, makes you look younger and your nails and hairs grow and shed fat.
“The side effects are that your heart can grow … and if you have a cancerous cell in your body, you are going to multiply that cell at a really quick rate. Is it addictive? Yes, because the results you get are addictive.
“If I stop taking it, after the two weeks when it’s leaving your body, you put weight on easier, you feel more tired and you feel less positive and more depressed.
“I have been told it is crazy and a massive risk. But if someone tells me not to do something, nine out of 10 times I will go and do it.”
She added: “It’s an addiction. I don’t think I’ll ever stop. Until I’m dead. Then I’ve got no choice.”
The mother of three, who had her first boob job at 17, felt ugly as a child.

So is the HGH working? You bros can judge:




For more on Jacqui Ryland you can follow her on Instagram by clicking any of those buttons above, and you can click on over to the NYPost to see her full story of addiction to HGH and working out!

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