Lovely Jennifer Lopez Has A Photo Of Her Delightful Underboob That She Wants You To See

Only days after the dazzling JLo flaunted some incredible cleavage, she is sharing a wonderful underboob photo.

More girls should ditch cleavage and focus on underboob. I really believe that the underboob is such an underrated and underutilized look. You might see cleavage from 10 women a day. How many times have you seen underboob in real life? Three times? Maybe? You’d only possibly see underboob in real life from that one chick who wears bikini tops that are waaaaaay too small so her breast meat is forced to squish out at all directions from the constricting clothing. Ladies, let’s work to make 2017 the year of the underboob. I’m counting on you and I believe you can make this happen.