Jennifer Lopez Just Dropped A Must-See, Scorching Hot Instagram Picture That Highlights Her Most Famous Feature

So Jennifer Lopez is 47 years old. She was born at the very beginning of Richard Nixon’s term in office. She was, is, and I believe always will be one of the hottest women on the planet. She is showing absolutely zero signs of aging. She’s the music industry’s Judge Judy. Spare me the bullshit for a second, because you totally would with Judge Judy. You could even make the argument that J-Lo has the Benjamin Button syndrome, and as the years pass she just looks fresher and more attractive.

J-Lo is not one to drop ‘look at me’ pictures to her millions of followers on social media, but every now and then she gives us all a gift. And today, November 3, 2016, we got just that.

I’m pretty sure she’s single too, if you’re tryna slide in the DMs. I’m sure she’d get back to you.

You want more pics, don’t you. So do I bro. So do I.

*Puts sock over bedroom door knob*

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