Jessica Alba All Wet, Sweaty, And WHITE HOT In A Bikini Is About The Best Thing Ever

jessica alba maxim


A little over a month ago Jessica Alba posed for one of the hottest magazine covers we’ve seen in years for Maxim magazine as she was making the rounds promoting the new Sin City flick.

Of course the pics that went with that cover were hotter than the sun as well, but I was waiting for a video to surface. Sadly, with all the changes around here my radar for such things must have been down because I missed this insanely sexy video when it came out a couple of weeks ago.

The good thing about that though is that it’s NEVER too late to take a look at Jessica Alba all wet in a bikini doing things on video. This video could be a year old and it’d still be worth a watch. In fact, a year from now I plan to watch it again. Why?

Any questions?

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