This Russian Model Who Looks Just Like Kendall Jenner Is Giving The Internet A Very Confusing Boner

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Question: Can we just replace the real Kendall Jenner here in America with this Russian model Kate Bogucharskaia?

Not that Kendall is ALL bad. I mean she did say that she loves having her tits out and all. I’m just saying, one less Kardashian in the world wouldn’t be so bad, right? Okay, fine we can keep Kylie since she likes to pose topless.

Anyway, back to Kate Bogucharskaia.

Bogucharskaia has really been confusing the internet the past day or so, because while we really want to loathe Kendall Jenner, Bogucharskaia isn’t actually her. She just really looks like her.



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#InBedwithW @wmag @edward_enninful // shot by the amazing @mertalas and @macpiggott

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See what I mean?

Bogucharskaia is also a successful model just like Jenner. One that didn’t get her job by using her family fame, however. So really, I think we should be embracing this woman.

One more comparison, just for fun…

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